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Many thanks but closed for rest of year.

Thank you to all of you that came to the Spring Open House event this year. It truly went better than I could imagine it going. Thank you also to all that have called or messaged about our hours and all the understanding and kind words that are expressed when I say we are closed for the rest of the year due to my Mom's battle with leukemia. Lavender fans are really the best!

Update on my Mom. She had a stem cell transplant on March 20th and we got bone marrow biopsy results last Friday that came back with no trace of leukemia! She is considered in remission. They will repeat a bone marrow biopsy at 90 days post transplant. She is recovery but still very weak and requires constant care.

Again, I cannot express how kind and understanding you have all been since my Mom's diagnosis in December 2016. Many thanks and love to you all!

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